[Tig] European aspect ratio 1.66:1

Laurence Claydon laurence at bell-theatre.com
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Many VFX companies like to see transfers at 1.66:1 safe for material
shot Super 35, and many Arthouse Cinemas still maintain a 1.66:1 for
running older material.

In DCI terms, all D-Cinema releases (so far) of restored material
requiring narrower-than-1.85 simply maintain a 1080/2160 height with a
hard matte either side.

This can be 'tidied-up' in the projector by adding projector blanking to
match for keystone if it exists, along with physical side masking (if
the masking goes in that far!)

I have a standard, geometically-correct set of DLP-Cinema Screen files I
use for all aspect ratios from 1.33 up to 2.35 and 2.39 for anamorphic
and non-anamorphic projection. This seems to cover all bases so far.
Provided material is correctly framed/scaled and delivered as a DCI DCP
in 12-bit Dual-Link CAPXYZ the operator should simply have to press the
relevant button for the desired aspect ratio.

Kind Regards,
Laurence Claydon

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I agree with both Marc and you. The question is whether DCI will include
such a format as part of their standard. Currently they seem to assume
is needed.

I guess it could be called a subset of 1.85:1 if it is regarded as
"curtained"/ "blanked" left & right.



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