[Tig] LUT Conversion

Digital Praxis digital.praxis at virgin.net
Fri Sep 29 11:06:50 BST 2006

Have posted this on the CML too, but I usually get alternative feedback from
the TIG that can be very different.

The ViewLUT Builder I've developed has been rather more successful that I
thought it would be, (www.digitalpraxis.net/lutbuilder.html) but a lot of
the feedback I've had has been asking for LUT conversion...

So, I'm half way through developing a new ViewLUT builder that not only has
the 1D and 3D Build LUT capabilities of the existing builder (as well as the
Sony CVP Gamma Builder stuff), but also has load LUT and Convert

What I'm interested in is what LUTs should I convert from/to in version

There are some limitations as some LUTs are way to complex for what I'm
doing, but I'd love to hear what conversions people would like to see.

At the moment I've got Pandora .mga, Scratch, Quantel iQ and Autodesk Flame
3D LUT conversion working, as well as outputting simple 1D LUTs for Shake,
Fusion, Cine-tal, XnView, etc...

Any other preferences?

I am looking at ICC profiles too - but that's a whole other ball game :o)

Thanks in advance for the input.


Steve Shaw
Digital Praxis Ltd.
steve at digitalpraxis.net
+44 (0)7765 400 908

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