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Peter, can you please explain the term 'Auto Shit'

BRRE experiments seem to have disabled your spill chocker ;-) 


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Well how did you know that my main car for years in the late 60's early
70's was indeed a Humber Super Snipe. Registration 555 BGC
I sold it when I joined Bell & Howell and they provided a company car.

Leather Seats, Column auto shit, Walnut dash & picnic trays in the rear.
And big for the UK, a massive 3.0Litre straight 6 engine.

Hand brake was bloody good too. I remeber travelling over 200 miles on a
journey with no footbrakes, just hand brake. I was madder then, over 70
and a stopping distance of about 1/3 mile. 

I sold it when I joined Bell & Howell and they provided a company car.

If it's of interest, prior to the Humber  I had a Vauxhall PA Cresta
good old Tail fins Registration 7204 AR and my first car was a early
Vaukhall Wyvern, complete with running boards!

As fun cars between 1973 and 1989 i owned a  DBS Aston Martin, I am
but my experience was and still is that Aston Martins are the most
unreliable motors ever. And a XJ6 Jaguar, lovely but small inside, well
a fat git like me anyway. In the late 1990's I brought a very very early
Range Rover from some "travellers". Despite it's age, 1973 and a milage
some 270,000 it ran for about 5 years before I sold it on! A great fun
machine that would go anywhereI 

Rob I will post some photos of the cars to you privately.

I know, I know a BRRE report is long overdue, will see what I can do.



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