[Tig] definition test

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Fri Sep 29 17:09:12 BST 2006

Was working on a commercial today and came upon a take of a shot that  
I noticed was an iota darker than the one before.  I did a comparison  
by scope and saw that the
difference was about .5 IRE.   I patted myself on the back for  
noticing the extraordinarily slight difference.   Wouldn't it be  
interesting some day to create a group of test files
for colorists (or prospective colorists) that had phase or other  
changes of extremely tiny amounts and have the observer mark a  
checksheet with their observations?   I think
colorists of extensive experience would be able to catch (the  
interface would consist of an a/b switch between the two references)  
the tiniest of differences, and those of less
experience perhaps not perceive them.   Then a paper could be written  
up about the observations.   I believe from experience and from what  
we've discussed here for years
about women with the extra Y chromosome that they would score  
significantly better on hue (saturation also?) differences of extreme  


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