[Tig] Copernicus 4X4 engineering manual

James Deluca James_Deluca at crestdigital.com
Tue Sep 4 22:28:16 BST 2007

Sounds like they are talking about a very slow serial data receiver. I
don't recall any of the uarts with internal baud rate generators being
able to work below about 75bps.
And who knows what the data word length is. I hope the added a FIFO on
that thing.

I remember that instructions are included on how to build the necessary
V-ger playback device. I think they wrote them out in Klingon to be sure
they'd be readable. 
Jim DeLuca
...   There is an article in the online edition of the Sydney Morning
Herald, the subject of which is the Voyager spacecraft which are still
communicating with computers near Canberra.  The computers are 30 years
old but must be maintained because more modern machines (paraphrased)
'are too fast to work the 32bps' that the Voyagers use.  (seems like
there's more to that story and the article oversimplifies.)

There is another very interesting part in the article, regarding archive
---begin article quote---
"Both carry disks loaded with pictures and sounds from Earth. "It's like
a message in a bottle, a message from humanity for whoever might find
it," Mr Nagle said.
Assuming, of course, that aliens can play such outmoded technology.   
---end article quote---

URL is


Anyone remember the Star Trek movie with irrepressible Bill Shatner
coming across one of the Voyagers in the future?

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