[Tig] Universal Color Metadata challenge

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Wed Sep 5 09:08:08 BST 2007

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> This is how we communicate and reverse-engineer LUTs and 
> primary corrections, but it breaks down with spatial corrections (i.e. power windows).

Which no-one in their right mind should be doing as a precorrection for VFX 
plates; if the shot's going to a compositor, they're the ones with the schmancy 
rotosplines who should be doing the heavy lifting. Do you have a standard 
pattern you've been using which can be shared? Besides LUT on ramps, you could 
show log/lin, decimation damage, RGB-YUV, compression hits, etc.

We like things to arrive from the scanner as straight-up Cineon 
(old-fashioned, I guess, though we're liking EXR), and we'll do a round of correction from 
there that's part of the VFX project, not baked into the files.

I don't see how you're going to be able to separate out windows unless one 
can save the splines into the file as a masked object. I predict you're going to 
end up with.... PDF!

Looking forward to CC'ing in CMYK :-)

Tim Sassoon
SFD vfx & creative post
Santa Monica, CA

PS cleaning lady arrived with keys to everything, and we tracked to leak down 
to the upstairs bathroom and turned off the toilet inlet valve. Whew!

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