[Tig] rec709 log lin #'s

glenn chan glennchan at gmail.com
Thu Sep 13 01:26:23 BST 2007

You can grab the #s off poynton's gamma FAQ:

You can also grab them off ITU-R BT. 709 by taking advantage of ITU's
3 free downloads promotion.

Remember to account for where black and white level are / should go.
It gives the transforms/formulas to convert to linear light values.

2a- I am not familiar with what "presets" you are referring to.

2b- It's also not clear what type of log values you are referring to.
You will need to look up the log formula or ask.

2c- By "linearization", do you mean conversion to linear light or
so-called ""linear"" gamma corrected values?
Some people use the term "linear" to refer to gamma-corrected values
(which I feel is highly confusing and should be avoided).  From your
post it seems like you mean gamma-corrected Rec. 709 values.  In any
case, poynton's gamma FAQ has the formula.

Glenn Chan
Toronto, Canada

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