[Tig] TIG addresses being harvested

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Wed Sep 19 04:11:12 BST 2007

I'm adding some code to the TIG wiki that will obfuscate email  
addresses so that bots won't be able to harvest them.   With some  
help from Dave Reinowski I was able to pinpoint the wiki as the  
source of the harvesting..  the TIG archives are protected already by  
other code that transforms addresses in postings.  However, if the  
bots become smart enough to "decode" the addresses in the archives --  
which already may be the case -- (they consist of the fairly standard  
[and therefore predictable unfortunately] "user at domain") then  
either they'll have to be re-transformed to something else or the  
archives could be taken into private (password-protected) mode,  
though this is not in the spirit of sharing information on the net.

The spambots are easiest to protect against, because they're of  
limited intelligence; it won't ever be possible to protect against  
individual combing and decoding by a human.

The wiki pages will just need some recoding in the form of <mail>  
tags to enable the obfuscation code to work, which will take a little  

Rob Lingelbach

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