[Tig] Comparing DI Graders

Lars Palmqvist.dk larspalmqvistdk at gmail.com
Mon Sep 17 19:09:07 BST 2007

> Hi

Most sertenly we here at DigitalFilmLab can shad some light over Resolve.
We dont have expertise in Baselight except from what is seen on Tradeshows.

In respect to resolve a lot of effort have been put into eliminate  workflow
on DI Commercials Resturation etc.etc. so tidius stuff like outputting shots
in overleght, secondpasses,greenscreen passes
has all been totally automated so no typing typecodes, like on the 2K., and
traditional telecine workflow,
we have al,ost converted into purly data house which works greath, with a
spirit 4K.

Colorcorrecting vise resolve is so simple to get into versus the 2K, so the
transision is very fast
and feature vise we are at a point now, where it is a lot more powerfull
than the 2K.
editing wise we use other equipment, since we do all in source mode. so
conform is only used to see thing in context, but it would be nice to get a
more gestual editing funtionality on resolve.

I dont want to start going into depth of the colorcorrector, since DaVinci
have allwayes been god at that,
so no point in spelling that out again.

so all in all we think it is the fastet on the market and makes the workflow
flow the best. At least for us

ps in the new release comming soon is a lot of very nice features.
wich you Guyes/Girls  properly have seen on IBC


Best Regards

Lars Palmqvist
CTO  @ DigitalFilmLab

Hi all,
> Wondering if anyone might give some insight, advantages and
> disadvantages (on or off list) of the DaVinci Resolve and Baselight
> grading systems. I am coming from a DaVinci 2K and Lustre background. I
> know the general specs of the machines and am mostly interested in
> feedback from colourist working on the systems in the DI environment.
> Feedback on how intuitive are the machines are? When you are doing work
> if they are feeling "clunky" or if once you get use to the systems you
> can move quite quickly through both simple and complex timings. How easy
> is it following complex shapes. Etc, etc?
> Cheers,
> Ken Metzker

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