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Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Wed Sep 19 22:39:02 BST 2007

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The Lab Sydney: Colourist job specification

Ø  Senior Colourist for TVC’s.
Ø  Must have a minimum of 5 years experience with top advertising  
agencies and production companies working on key accounts.
Ø  This is not a technical position - but more one of craft and  
client relationship building.
Ø  The colourist will also need to promote themselves, the LaB & the  
rooms they are working in.
Ø  Must be competent with DaVinci 2K and Spirit and/or C-Reality  
Telecine’s. The Lab has a total of 4 Chains and is fully HD enabled.
Ø  A working knowledge/exposure to DI workflows preferred (but not  
Ø  A working knowledge/exposure to Flame/Inferno preferred (but not  
Ø  Must be a team player and be willing to take on the challenge of  
working in a very competitive market.

Recent DI Investment by the Lab:

Ø  Baselight 4 Grading System
Ø  Northlight Scanner
Ø  Theatrette with Barco 2K Projector

Other Information

Ø  The Omnilab Group is the largest independent media services group  
in the Region, with post production facilities in Sydney, Melbourne,  
Brisbane and Auckland.
Ø  Although each boutique facility operates in its own right, in each  
market, they can leverage the Group’s investment in content,  
technology and its people.


Ø  Colourists are renumerated at competitive international rates.  
Various remuneration models can be discussed, including profit share.
Ø  In addition the Group will consider additional leave allocation  
and the provision of flights in the package, to allow regular access  
back home.
Ø  There are considerable tax concessions for overseas talent for the  
first 4 years in Australia, which will significantly increase net  
Ø  Omnilab will manage all relocation and Visas.

For further information please contact Phil Watts, Post Production  
Manager at the Lab Sydney on  philw at thelabsydney.com.au, m) +61 411  
501 867, w) +61294395922

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