[Tig] Table Editing introduced to the TIG wiki

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Fri Sep 21 05:03:02 BST 2007

I've added a "table editing" feature to the TIG wiki.

This allows the use of the following syntax:

heading 1
heading 2

which will add a table to the existing (or new) wiki page, and most  
importantly, allow the registered user to edit the table.  See the page
http://tig.colorist.org/wiki3/index.php/TODO   for a very mundane  
for an example, at the bottom.

To clarify how this can be used:

we used to have, painstakingly created by David Tosh, a table/index  
of films done via DI around the world.  This table data was lost in a  
years-ago system crash.  We also lost an extensive table of  
"worldwide telecines."  This last was very useful for facilities to  
trumpet their capabilities.

I would propose that we create a new category on the wiki called  
something like "Color Grading Resources" that would list, (just off  
the top of my head) as headings, the following:

facility_name   facility_location  resources(equipment)  personnel   
output_format input_format credits

as 7 possible headings for the table.   Please feel free here to  
suggest others or reject mine in favor of better ones.   This type of  
table could be extremely useful for engineers, colorists, and even  
clients, and as it is rooted in the wiki, can be edited by any  
registered TIG wiki user.

Dave T., do you have any spare time?  :]
Cem O., what do you think?

Rob Lingelbach
TIG admin

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