[Tig] Anyone using Panasonic TH-50PF9UK HD Plasma monitor? AGC-related question

Michael Bittle mlbnyc at verizon.net
Fri Sep 21 20:06:22 BST 2007


I think I ran into what you're describing on a compositing job a  
couple of years ago.  The Panasonic plasma (similar model) was being  
used as a "client" monitor.  The client noticed color shift between  
scenes.  We verified this as a monitor "feature" by creating a wipe  
between two frames, one black and one white.  At some early point  
(maybe less than 20%) there was a noticeable shift in the background  
(beyond picture frame) leading us to believe it was a backlight  

My thought at the time was that this was a workaround for limited  
dynamic range of flat panels; that if most everything was really dark  
*or* really light, detail would be preserved by shifting the whole  
picture into the display's sweet spot. Only full range content would  
suffer crushed whites or blacks.  Of course the shift wreaked havoc  
with color.

We moved the monitor into the conference room for sales pitches....

Please share if you figure out a useful hack!


On Sep 20, 2007, at 11:37 PM, David Poole wrote:

> Thanks to Frame Set & Match and MT Miami for supporting the TIG.
>  ====
> We have a Panasonic plasma display (TH-50PF9UK). Just recently I  
> noticed
> that the monitor is doing something similar to AGC although AGC is  
> turned
> off in the menu. When the picture is darker it boosts the light  
> output and
> when it's brighter it lowers the light output. Toggling AGC on/off  
> does not
> seem to affect the picture at all.
> I spoke to tech support and they said that this AGC-like behavior  
> is built
> into the monitor and they knew no way of bypassing it. Does anyone  
> know a
> hack that will bypass this behaviour?  Or, does anyone know how to  
> get into
> the system menu?
> Thanks,
> David Poole
> Kappa Studios, Inc.
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