[Tig] styles in grading

Daniel Perez danibam at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 1 01:55:38 BST 2008

Interesting Adrian, I've seen a similar problem myself when recording
out to film footage graded to a cold look.
What monitor/projector are you using for grading? ...  6500 K whitepont?
I ask because I think every time I've noticed this issue grading had been done 
on 6500 K monitors/projectors. Film projection is done with xenon lamps where
whites are 5500 K. Don't you think this whitepoint shift could be the problem?
Are you grading and then recording out linear files or log files?
Daniel Perez
DI - PRODURAMA Venezuela

> From: ahauser at cuttingedge.com.au> To: cws at al.com.au> Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2008 07:56:30 +1100> CC: tig at tig.colorist.org> Subject: Re: [Tig] styles in grading> > 1824 subscribers as of March 2008> MTI Film supports the TIG> http://colorist.org/wiki3/index.php/TIGNABFS08> ====> > > > >>> > An issue we faced while grading the DI for "Happy Feet' was how > > quickly> > any sense of magenta/red creeping into the characters made them look> > dirty and not in keeping with the overall tone of the environment.> > > We have a similar situation here grading a film with an overall cold > 'arctic' feel.> To keep the characters flesh tones appearing lifeless and cold we are> finding ourselves similarly compensating for a prints tendency to add a> visible hint of magenta in the skintones thus giving the characters > more 'life' than we> wish them to have. By adding cyan to these scenes we are visibly > reducing this bias> seen in the print.> > This as Chris suggests seems to work projected in different theatres > with whitepoints ranging from 5800> to 5500k .> > Adrian Hauser> Cutting Edge> Sydney> > > _______________________________________________> No personal abuse; absolutely no advertising or marketing on the main TIG mailinglist. Emergency> tig contact address is rob (at) calarts.edu> Tig mailing list> Tig at tig.colorist.org> http://tig.colorist.org/mailman/listinfo/tig

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