[Tig] Digi 4 Pulse generator card

Robert Houllahan rob at cinelab.com
Tue Apr 8 22:04:09 BST 2008

Hi Tig,

Anybody have a Pulse generator card or a Digi4 they would like to  
donate to my Franken turbo MK3 project? I am running a 10bit 444  
Quattroscan because it just makes allot better picture than the Digi4  
does. The rgb to yuv conversions are better, it's 10 bt, and it has a  
leagalizer in it.. Problem is the control card it a bit buggy and I  
wanted to use the MS to TK pulse generator card from a Digi4 to run  
the thing but I donated the Digi-4's I had to another cause and do not  
have that card around....

Cheers from the Telecine museum that is Cnelab...

On an off note I just transfered 30flats (mostly 1200') of Super16  
footage that I shot for a feature I am co producing in NY with another  
60 or 70 flats to go... Any colorists ever shoot and then color the  
dailies on a feature project or am I just the stupidest thing you ever  
heard of?  ;-)


Robert Houllahan
rob at cinelab.com
Vp Cinelab Inc.

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