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Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Fri Apr 11 22:05:02 BST 2008

>The only answer is for consumers to change providers or change option 
>packages.  If is is possible to obtain an "HD" package without also 
>paying for the 500+ "SD" channels, then do so.  Purchase the smallest 
>allowed base "SD" package along with the "HD" package and be willing 
>to pay more for the "HD" package since it was not purchased along with 
>the Platinum Super-Delux "SD" sports package.  Purchase explicitly 
>rather than in bulk where possible.  Don't make a commitment beyond 
>the current month.

The entire delivery model from the head end or uplink studio would have to be
changed in order for what you suggest to have any effect.

The compression of the images takes place long before the consumer is allowed
any choices at all. They don't compress your signals more or less depending on
what you order - they compress the hell out of everything before sending it
anywhere. Subscribing to only the HD tier will get you the crap HD and nothing
else. This is true for both satellite and cable delivery. 

The only place where it MIGHT have a chance is the new FIOS fiber system
(Verizon?), whose big limitation the last time I looked was that they were
only able to deliver a single HD channel to your house at a time. I have no
idea what they are doing technically, but it might be the case that the
ability to "singlecast" in that way also means less compression.


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