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Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Sat Apr 12 00:51:19 BST 2008

>I know this.  The idea is if that enough people don't order what they 
>don't want, that eventually the junk channels will go away and there 
>will be some focus on what people want to watch.

There's some push for a-la-carte pricing (which was the original business
model for the Echostar satellite service, if anyone remembers back that far),
even by some of those worthless slavering maggots at the FCC, but both the
cablecos and sat providers are resisting mightily, and there's nothing quite
like lobbyist cash to weaken the spine of slimy politicians and their scumbag

When they have a dozen or more shopping channels, half a dozen religious
channels, an insane amount of FOX channels, regional sports channels, and the
One-Armed Albino Midget Channel all paying for carriage, they don't care how
many people watch it - they still get their money every month from them. 

The a-la-carte model would force them to confront the lack of viewership with
hard numbers ("Only 325 people are paying for the 'How To Whittle' channel?"),
and then they'd have to lower carriage fees or drop channels without a minimum
number of viewers, and that could get expensive for them. I expect to see it
happen very close to never.

If there are any One-Armed Albino Midgets on the list, and they have taken
offense at anything I've written, I apologize with all the sincerity I am able
to muster on a Friday afternoon. I'm sure your channel is safe.


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