[Tig] dV 2k+ : Scene-by-Scene Clips, Legalizer

jfmann at optonline.net jfmann at optonline.net
Sun Apr 13 16:36:17 BST 2008

Rob wrote:
Is the Legalizer board controllable by the user?
Hi Rob,
Yes, you can control the Legalizer board. Enter into <Format Mode> your desktop should then bring up the clipping menu. If not right click for the pull down menu, select "displays" and then "clipping" (I think, do not have a system in front of me) you should see three choices. Again I'm pulling from memory here. 
 Variable Clip;
MAX range
Play with MAX range just to see what the Legalizer is up to. Then select “Variable Clip”. Now ,on the soft panel  the <Hard White Master>< Soft White Master> and so on, controls are active. There should be a message that comes up and sez: <Warning Will Robertson, you are now responsible for Legalization>  But you will start off with legal settings . 
<Hard White Master>< Soft White Master> have a limited range but do a very nice roll off of the Hi Lights.  (and low lights). I however, shy away from these controls and normally use a custom curve for the Hi light roll off thing. Having been burnt by the Legalizer Police of a unnamed country . I had three scenes of a feature that had a video of 101 and I got rejected for it! No more. I will use it for non broadcast dailies however.
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