[Tig] Ikegami FED prototype at NAB2008

glenn chan glennchan at gmail.com
Tue Apr 15 09:37:22 BST 2008

For anyone who is at NAB, they might be interested in checking out the
Ikegami FED prototype at C-4228.

My notes on it:

-Ikegami has a CRT sitting beside the FED prototype.  The blacks on the FED
prototype look better than the CRT as it doesn't appear to suffer as much
from flaring in the glass of the monitor.
It has better blacks than a CRT (!).

-To my eyes, looks slightly sharper than the CRT.  It has a full HD pixel
structure so it should be no surprise.  Geometry would be perfect and corner
performance doesn't suffer.
- Color close to the CRT sitting beside it but not 100% exactly the same.
This is likely because it's a prototype and they didn't bother matching the
color.  Native transfer function/gamma of the FED is slightly different, and
the phosphors are different.
- No price, not shipping, may be at least 2 years out.

Glenn Chan
Software (colormancer.com)
Toronto, Canada

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