[Tig] High-end monitors at NAB08

glenn chan glennchan at gmail.com
Wed Apr 16 18:35:28 BST 2008

My notes on monitors at NAB08:

Barco has entered the arena of high-end broadcast monitors.
-Handling of interlacing:  Their monitor has a strip of LEDs in the side.
The LEDs fire from top to bottom to emulate the scanning of a CRT.  They
scan fields instead of deinterlacing into full frames / 50% black lines at
-"minimum 800:1 contrast ratio" (it's a trade show floor so it's hard to
evaluate this claim... but it sounds about right)
-Subtle flickering at 50Hz just like a CRT.
-Color looks like it matched the barco CRT beside it.

Will ship in a few months (IBC), roughly $27,500.

DPX does have real blacks (and doesn't flare like CRTs).  All the other LCDs
I saw had glow in the dark blacks, except where the ambient lighting is
really bright and hides the raised blacks.
Martin is cursed because his monitor was damaged in shipping.  Was demo'ing
a monitor with moisture splotches in it (production units should not have
Will ship in a few months.  ~$38k price point.

Kind of showing 42" BVM-L.  Avail Summer 2008, pricing to be determined.
-"2000:1 contrast ratio"
Also showing QFHD prototype... 3840x2150 resolution.  (Can't remember if
they will be targeting DI with this monitor.)
They were showing the 23" BVM-L, and as I understand it  it is shipping for
some areas.  Handles xvYCC color (wide gamut for consumer equipment).

Viewing angle looks good on all these monitors.  Will crap out a little bit
if you are looking at the monitor almost sideways... black level goes up
slightly (but this isn't really a problem).  Not like consumer LCDs where
you have to keep your head in a narrow range.
I don't have useful info on other aspects of monitors that might be
important... e.g. deinterlacing quality (if the monitor deinterlaces the
image), whether there are banding artifacts, etc.  Since it's a trade show
the manufacturers may not be showing material that might reveal flaws in
their monitor.

Glenn Chan
Software (colormancer.com)
Toronto, Canada

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