[Tig] High-end monitors at NAB08

woz warrenl at gmail.com
Fri Apr 18 12:06:59 BST 2008

As a salesman would say, it's an extra option for those who want their
monitors to behave like good old fashioned CRT's.
I wonder if there's a case to be put for having this mode to check for
artefacts which might show differently on 50Hz TV sets? (Aliasing springs to
Do they offer simulated cross-colour too?

woz    (ITV  3Sixtymedia)

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> On 16 Apr 2008, at 18:35, glenn chan wrote:
> >
> > -Handling of interlacing:  Their monitor has a strip of LEDs in the
> > side.
> > The LEDs fire from top to bottom to emulate the scanning of a CRT.
> > They
> > scan fields instead of deinterlacing into full frames / 50% black
> > lines at
> > once.
> > -Subtle flickering at 50Hz just like a CRT.
> Does anyone else think this is a HUGE step backwards?
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