[Tig] Smoke Archiving Issues

Jean-Francois Panisset panisset at gmail.com
Sun Apr 20 03:02:34 BST 2008

Yes, "ClipMgtDevice HDCAM" is what you want in your init.cfg rather
than "ClipMgtDevice VTR". The issue is the following: when archiving
to a video tape device, Smoke generates a pattern of dark and bright
pixels to encode the clip library metadata (as well as module setup
information if you use the "Project" archive mode). The 1920 -> 1440
horizontal pre-filtering performed by the HDCAM deck destroys the
integrity of this "data in video" encoding, so using the
"ClipMgtDevice HDCAM" token tells Smoke to use an encoding where "data
pixels" are wide enough to survive horizontal pre-filtering.

These days, I'm not a big fan of VTR archiving: I think that archiving
to a file on a NAS, followed by moving the data to LTO 2/3/4 tape is a
much more cost effective approach, and you don't take the generation
hit of going back to (compressed) video tape. Unfortunately, Autodesk
doesn't provide a turnkey solution for this approach, so not every
facility has the in-house expertise to implement that solution.

I guess this really belongs on smoke-news...

JF Panisset
A52/Rock Paper Scissors

>  In smoke's init.cfg these is a special entry in the archiving section
>  for the hdcam deck.  You cannot use the standard hdio entry because of
>  the way that smke encodes metadata to the tape... Smoke won't be able
>  to verify the archive after it's been formatted on a hdcam because of
>  the compression so you have to use the hdcam entry in the init.cfg.

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