[Tig] NAB--Tangent's New Wave-Anyone try it?

Paul Korver paul at cinelicious.tv
Tue Apr 22 17:25:43 BST 2008

I tried the Wave surface and my impression was that if you needed to  
be able to throw your panels in a backpack to color onsite somewhere  
they would be great.  But I don't think they would work for us in a  
commercial environment where we're charging clients money.  I'm very  
big on ergonomics and how stuff looks / feels.  I wasn't impressed in  
that category but I have to think they're going for a consumer to pro- 
sumer market based on the price tag and construction.  I didn't use  
them with Color but I'm assuming they must work as that would be a  
natural pairing market-wise?

I obviously don't work for them... but I really like their CP200 line  
for Apple Color.


Paul Korver
On Apr 21, 2008, at 4:05 PM, Ted Langdell wrote:

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> Did anyone try Tangent's new "Wave" control surface at NAB (or
> elsewhere?)
> http://www.tangentdevices.co.uk/products_wave.asp
> Didn't hear about it until way late in the show with no time to find/
> try.
> Does it work with FCP/Color?
> Ted
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