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It's interesting that people in different disciplines are asking  
similar questions at the same time and having a similar discussion.

Re: hard drive storage conditions


On Apr 22, 2008, at 10:27 AM, Jack James wrote:

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> The good thing about disk drives, especially when configured with a
> massive amount of redundancy, is that you can replace them as they
> fail. The same cannot be said for tape unfortunately. The other
> problem with tape is that they require an intermediate medium-- you
> can't load data to or from tape directly, but have to go via something
> else (typically disks).
> Having said that, we use LTO3 backups for all our important data,
> mainly because it is so cost-effective. Over the years (and after
> getting burnt a lot of times), the number one rule I have for data
> backup is not to depend on any one system at a time, in fact right now
> I use off-site tape backup for medium-term, RAID local storage for
> short-term and an Internet-based system for critical data, but
> ultimately I ensure that I always have (at least) two copies of
> anything I don't want to use.
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