[Tig] OT TiVo (was: Re: Is packaged media close to end of life?)

TSassoon at aol.com TSassoon at aol.com
Wed Jan 9 18:21:34 GMT 2008

In a message dated 1/9/08 7:59:00 AM, bob at bluescreen.com writes:

> I can talk to my TiVos remotely over a web interface

My Elgato tuners do that for free with www.TitanTV.com remote scheduling. I 
have them set to check every hour. I like TiVo's box, it's very elegant, but I 
don't like paying the subscription fee. What I also like about computer-based 
recording is that I can very quickly hook up a large external HD for more 
recording capacity.

Tim Sassoon
SFD vfx & creative post
Santa Monica, CA

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