[Tig] OT Comcast "wideband" / compression

Greg D. gd.tk at comcast.net
Wed Jan 9 21:20:44 GMT 2008

So I finally called Comcast a couple weeks ago to complain that the
compression on Fox Soccer Channel was completely unacceptable.  I really
didn't believe my complaint would be passed on to any one that would care
and/or do anything about it.  However, it does seem like the picture has
gotten better.  Does anyone out there believe that Comcast would evaluate
and then actually tweak compression if a customer called to complain???  How
and who is determining bandwidth use at the cable companies?  How can
consumer complaints get through to anyone at these huge companies regarding
image quality? Comcast seems to have added several HD channels recently so
they must be constantly reshuffling channel bandwidth allotment.  Anyone
have any incites here?  Some stuff is truly unwatchable on my 50" set from
time to time.

Greg Dildine
New Haven, CT

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