[Tig] OT TiVo (was: Re: Is packaged media close to end of life?)

Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Thu Jan 10 02:28:42 GMT 2008

>What I also like about computer-based 
>recording is that I can very quickly hook up a large external HD for more 
>recording capacity.

The HD TiVos also have external storage available via an eSATA port. The less
expensive TiVo HD can only accommodate a specific (unless you hack the system)
500 gig external drive sold by TiVo for $200, but the S3 can use any decent
quality external eSATA drive or array up to 2 Tb.

The downside is that these drives cannot be swapped out at will because to
satisfy DRM requirements (have I mentioned in the last few minutes how much I
despise DRM?), shows are interleaved between the internal and external drive.
If you remove the external drive, all shows recorded since it was attached are


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