[Tig] SD-SDI telecine out to capture device that will create DPX orsimilar files

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for any manufacturers/vendors who are wondering, this post crosses  
the line into marketing and I'm working with the subscriber such that  
it doesn't happen again.

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> Ted,
> Hello up there (Marysville) from down here (Oakdale)
> RaveHD has been native DPX from the start (over 7 years) and offers  
> up a proven solution (about 2/3 of our customer base are Telecine  
> facilities, or rather post with Telecine systems).
> Although capturing to DPX seems to be a trivial matter these days  
> it's really everything else that isn't.  RaveHD is one of the few  
> solutions of this type that offers up items such as slave mode.  So  
> just like some vtrs we can work in both master or slave mode.
> RaveHD has always been about the workflow and bridging the video,  
> film, data gap and with the help, worldwide it has gotten pretty  
> effecient at it.  Today RaveHD is still the only product of it's  
> kind that you also get the source code.  For facilities with some  
> heavy integration requirements that's a huge plus :)
> Information can be found at www.spectsoft.com and I can answer any  
> questions you may have.
> Cheers,
> Ramona
> Ramona Howard
> www.spectsoft.com
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