[Tig] Spirit vs. DSX

Tristan La Fontaine tristan at fsm.com.au
Tue Jan 22 00:39:34 GMT 2008

CRT vs. CCD...the age old debate continues. Vie been working on Millennium
II for 5 years now and in that time I can conclude 2 significant things:

1: I like the pictures it puts out. I don't like using the term "filmic" too
often, but I do think it is the right word for the aesthetic of the images.
Sure there is a little noise which can be cleaned up with a small amount of
NR, but overall, the organicness is what stands out for me.
2: It requires A LOT of maintenance to keep it running at it's peak. Which
it does, due to dedicated engineers who are now heavy drinkers with thinning

I had some footage last year for a major feature film that was suspected of
being too dark. It had been transferred on 3 separate spirits around Sydney,
and then bought here for a 4th opinion. I had a look at all three spirit
xfers and put the neg on mine, and it really was chalk and cheese. Even
though my chain wasn't soft, the spirit footage made it look soft, and I
mean SOFT soft. I also noticed the fine ringing around the edges of the
spirit transfer. (btw, it was transferred 1920x1080 24p)

Bottom line is if I could have the picture quality of a Millennium with the
stability of a Spirit, I'd be pretty happy.

Tristan La Fontaine
Senior Colourist
FSM, Sydney

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