[Tig] way OT: hint tracks on MP4

Chuck Harrison cfharr at erols.com
Sun Jan 27 16:41:32 GMT 2008

Hi Rob

I'd be surprised if MPEG4IP is really unavailable. There is still
regularly traffic on the mpeg4ip-Open Discussion list on
sourceforge.net; inquire there. I have definitely seen hinting
threads there in the past.

Also, isn't there a user mailing list for Darwin Streaming Server?
Ask there, too.


Rob Lingelbach wrote:
> I need to record "hint tracks" on my mp4s to get them to stream
> properly with DarwinStreamingServer.  The only options I've found so
> far are:  Qucktime Pro (which costs $$) and MPEG4IP, which I would be
> happy to use but the source tar file is currently unavailable.

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