[Tig] A Bit OF Colour Theory (Education)

Lorne Miess Lorne at telus.net
Mon Jan 28 20:33:49 GMT 2008


X-Rite is presenting a travelling roadshow and have listed their cities and
dates http://www.xrite.com/top_services.aspx?action=registration&eventid=424.
am a part-time instructor at The Art Institute of Vancouver and
FXPHD.comand see there is a great opportunity to gain some education
in colour theory
that will benifit us all.  X-Rite doesn't plan on coming to Vancouver unless
there are a resonable number of people interested.  Now's the time for those
interested parties who live in the Vancouver or Nothern Washington area and
would be interested in attenting to send a brief  E-mail to;
ROakes at xrite.com

I do not work for X-Rite.  My interest is in colour theory which I teach in
Vancouver, Canada


Lorne Miess

colourist at telus.net

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