[Tig] PEC limiting MK3

Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Thu Jan 31 14:59:38 GMT 2008

that's right, it was green, not blue.  wonder if anyone's done a  
study of color memory, like, can we remember a particular color's  
properties over a long period of time, and by what other factors is  
this memory influenced.

On Jan 31, 2008, at 4:49 PM, Graham Collett wrote:

> the only official filter for the optics of an Ursa was a Kodak made  
> "shading filter" that was made because some films polarised the  
> light going through them and that ended up as a green magenta tilt.  
> If you cant get the filter then you can do a manual shading  
> offset ..but you'll have to keep doing it different as different  
> film react in different ways.
> regards
> Graham Collett
> At one point there was a filter installed by Bill Hogan in LA (the
> providence of which I don't recall) that improved Ursa shading in the
> blue PEC significantly. Before filter, impossible to get flat blue

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