[Tig] 2 Perf

Gary Coates garycoates at aol.com
Fri Aug 7 02:01:34 BST 2009

Prathvish at futureworks.in in Mumbai asked about 2perf in a previous  
post (what camera, example projects, and so forth).

Jean-Pierre Beauviala at AATON has the camera for it, the Penelope (http://www.aaton.com/products/film/penelope/ 

I've seen one film that I think used it: MODERN LIFE (http://fest09.sffs.org/films/film_details.php?id=58 
) by Raymond Depardon in a beautiful and sharp 35mm projected print.
I don't know the workflow on this project but the people at AATON can  
probably answer about it.

Spy Post Digital in San Francisco transfers 2perf on their Spirit shot  
by a local director of photography who used it for Francis Coppola's  
American Zoetrope and now for a few corporate clients.

Gary Coates
San Francisco, California, US

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