[Tig] 2 Perf

jp jp at aaton.com
Fri Aug 7 06:58:43 BST 2009

7/08/09 3:01  Gary Coates <garycoates at aol.com>

> I've seen one film that I think used it: MODERN LIFE
> http://fest09.sffs.org/films/film_details.php?id=58
> by Raymond Depardon in a beautiful and sharp 35mm projected print.
> I don't know the workflow on this project but the people at AATON can
> probably answer about it.

Hello Gary,
That was shot 2Perf with the Penelope prototype (2007)
scanned @4K on a NorthLight, DI @4K on an ArriLaser at Eclair/Paris.

R.D. made comparisons between the 2K and 4K workflows, the difference
was stunning in terms of 'life' in the images.
(color subbtlety and crispness due to a much better reproduction
of the original film grain structure).
This experience made us true 4K believers,
scanning @8K for 4K DIs would be ideal...


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