[Tig] Dates?

Ken Robinson ken at flight4.org
Tue Aug 11 18:33:05 BST 2009

I bought the last MK3 c jumpscan with xyzoom.... Beautiful... Non existent
flicker, and sharp as a razor in comparison to Digiscan.

OK... I was in PAL land and had only 2 patches to deal with... But, really
the pictures were head and shoulders above the Dodgiscans.

Ken Robinson

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Yes I seem to remember it was an American term. I think it referred to an
original 'non'C' (ex jumpscan) machine field upgraded to Digiscan 1. A nasty
piece of work in my opinion!

MKIIIc machines were Digiscan 2/3/4
MKIIIc with Digiscan 2 was standard when I joined Rank Cintel in 1983.

Early MKIIIc could be either Digi or Jumscan. Graham & I did a field install
once of an XYZ zoom on a 3C Jumpscan. Can you say flicker!

Paul Chapman

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