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These and other dates are at http://www.finalcolor.com/history4colorists.htm
I believe them to be pretty accurate, the sources are generally reliable
but as with all history, some are open to a little interpretation, but here
is what I have

Cinema Television produce the first 35mm Twin Lens Continuous Motion Flying
Spot Telecine - the Mark 1.The twin lens was needed to scan each frame
twice. Cinema Television later became Cintel

Mk. II was a 16mm telecine produced by Cintel for news gathering

1975 (correct)
Mk. III Hopping Patch (jump scan) - finally supports 525 for US markets

Not exactly sure about the next two
  Mk. IIIC

1978 saw the Topsy programmer
1983 the Amigo programmer
1987 4:2:2 Digiscan
1989 Ursa

Happy Coloring

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