[Tig] Dates?

David Tosh dlt at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 13 05:01:01 BST 2009

I have notes from a mini-course on MKIII maintenance I attended in 
November 1985. It was held in the Saticoy office of Rank North Hollywood 
and taught by Paul Chapman and William Capon.

 From those notes:

1976: MKIII Jumpscan introduced at NAB. All analog (no Digiscan) and 
24fps only.

1977: First Jumpscan machines delivered in USA. Serial numbers 1-80 

1978: MKIIIB Digiscan I Serial numbers 80-250 approximately. Digiscan I 
was 24fps 525/60 only but was capable of being modified to run @30fps. 
MKIIIB had dark grey control panels and included DigiVAC I.

1980: MKIIIB Digiscan II (Serial numbers < 500). Included DigiVACI, ran 
18fps, 24fps, 30fps in 525/60 and 18 & 25fps in 625/50. It also ran at 

1982: MKIIIC Started with Digiscan II (Serial numbers 500 - 650 light 
grey control panels. Included options VariSpeed, XYZoom, Variable 
shuttle, Saturation control. Still included DigiVAC I.

1984: MKIIIC Digiscan 3 (Serial numbers 650 - 780). Included improved 
mechanical construction, better screening...

A note at the bottom of the page indicates that there were no MKII 
machines in the US and they didn't run at 525/60.)


The machine in TC1 at Action Video was a Digiscan 2, included all of the 
1982 options above but I always suspected they were fitted after the 
machine left the factory. Action Video opened in 1983. The suite 
included a Dubner 32 slider preprogrammer interfaced to the MKIII by 
Alex Jepson. A RCA camera secondary chroma comp was included in the 
original installation but it was never "right."

I remember the lost weekends spent on the floor in front of this machine 
  while bringing a pin registered transfer system up. I ended up 
replacing the XYZoom card with one I built for pin reg use only due to 
the hum and noise present in the system modulating both the scans and 
the shading correction.

David Tosh
Sierra Madre CA

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