[Tig] Dates?

Mikko Kuutti mikko.kuutti at kava.fi
Fri Aug 14 06:34:19 BST 2009

Hi Folks,

we're just retiring our MkIII, which may be one of the few extant  
(some even think non-existent) MkIIIBs, as per David's list since it  
has serial number 106.

It has been later equipped with Quattroscan, but we're now 'upgrading'  
to a Quadra Vision 4:4:4 with a Renaissance 8:8:8 controller. This  
will be pure luxury for us since we've been doing everything on the  
fly so far!

The archive world is a different world.

Best regards,


Mikko Kuutti
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National Audiovisual Archive
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On 13.8.2009, at 7.01, David Tosh wrote:

> I have notes from a mini-course on MKIII maintenance I attended in  
> November 1985. It was held in the Saticoy office of Rank North  
> Hollywood and taught by Paul Chapman and William Capon.

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