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>>we're just retiring our MkIII, which may be one of the few extant
(some even think non-
>>existent) MkIIIBs, as per David's list since it has serial number 106.

I'm just retiring one of our two remaining MK3 Digiscan4 machines at the
moment. Serial number 24, I remember installing it as a very shiny new
BBC engineer in late '87 or early '88. I've looked after it ever since
and it's still in perfect working order, we just don't have the work to
support it anymore. Along with its mate, serial number 83 (nearly the
last, if not actually the last of the MK3's, I believe?), it performed
sterling service as the BBC's top-end telecine when brand new and has
spent the last few years comfortably specialising in short order library
clips work and small format transfers (8mm, S8mm and even 9.5mm centre

This leaves us with one MK3, an Ursa Diamond Y-Front (shortly coming out
to be replaced by a Shadow) and a Spirit. Very different from 22 years
ago when we ran live telecine transmissions from many 35mm MKII
twin-lens pairs, 16mm MKII's, MK3 hopping patch and Digi3 machines!

I feel quite sad today.


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