[Tig] Hollywood versus the World

Steve Hullfish steve at veralith.com
Fri Aug 14 16:23:44 BST 2009

This color difference between east and west coast is something that's  
been pretty thoroughly documented. It's definitely an interesting  
cultural difference.

I also heard from people off-list that grading suites outside of the  
US tend to be much more minimalist compared to Hollywood or even US  
suites in general. Comments?

Do people come to color grading as a profession in different ways than  
in the US? Possibly some come more from an arts background or from a  
film school background while others are more from a technical/ 
engineering background?

Or what about pay-wise and prestige? Are colorists "rock stars" like  
some are in Hollywood? Or are they simply cogs in the wheel of post- 

Is there a significant difference in the gear that's used outside of  
Hollywood? A preference toward a manufacturer or a workflow that is  
different in different parts of the world?

The push in Hollywood seems - and other places that I know in the US -  
seem to be trending away from "telecine" and towards film scanning. Is  
the rest of the world or even the rest of the US swinging just as fast  
in the same direction?

I'm just trying to drum up some good discussion. (I don't have any  
future books in the works. :-)

Steve Hullfish
author, "The Art and Technique of Color Correction."

On Aug 14, 2009, at 6:50 AM, Nextgen wrote:
> Back in the early 70's when we were doing demonstrations of our color
> correction system, we used to point out that you could set a  
> reference base
> for the 'East Coast' or the 'West Coast' look and run the material  
> with each
> reference to make a release version that was region considerate.

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