[Tig] 35mm Perforator?

Graham Collett grahamcollett at visible-sprockets.co.uk
Thu Aug 20 08:50:41 BST 2009

Even if you found someone, you wouldn't have any frame to perf reference
.. Normally that would be generated by the camera when putting the
pictures on .. But you already have the pictures ..what you need is a
sprocketless scanner, maybe like the P+S Teknik german one ..not sure
about the MWA or Sondor. 

Good luck

Graham Collett
Visible Sprockets Ltd
Sprockets(telecine) Ltd

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Weird question:  I have a short piece of specialized 35mm film stock  
that is currently un-perforated to be used for film scanner analysis.   
I'm looking for someone in Los Angeles that would have the capability  
to add standard BH1866 perfs to this strip of film.  The film is  
already exposed and processed.  I already asked my contacts at Kodak  
and, strangely, they said they were not able to do it.

Thanks in advance,




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