[Tig] 35mm Perforator?

Mikko Kuutti mikko.kuutti at kava.fi
Fri Aug 21 06:50:53 BST 2009

I guess you are looking for someone with one of these for instance: http://www.buko-gmbh.de/pfm335_e.htm

I also surmise that you need to run your film through a specific  
scanner to test the scanner so another sprocketless scanner won't do  
the trick?

The only perforating machines I have personally seen have been in film  
museums. I'll ask around in the archive world.



Mikko Kuutti
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On 20.8.2009, at 6.42, Paul Korver wrote:

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> Weird question:  I have a short piece of specialized 35mm film stock  
> that is currently un-perforated to be used for film scanner  
> analysis.  I'm looking for someone in Los Angeles that would have  
> the capability to add standard BH1866 perfs to this strip of film.   
> The film is already exposed and processed.  I already asked my  
> contacts at Kodak and, strangely, they said they were not able to do  
> it.
> Thanks in advance,
> Paul
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