[Tig] 35mm Perforator?

Ted Langdell ted at tedlangdell.com
Fri Aug 21 16:25:56 BST 2009

I've been asking around AMIA's Reel Thing happening Thurs-Sat. at the  

We've turned up a company with a 16mm perforator... but no 35 yet.

Folks I've asked are cogitating about whom might have one... perhaps  
buried in storage somewhere.

Then the question is, "What type and pitch of perfs can it produce?"

BTW:  The 4K digital restoration and 4K projection of Snow White was  
quite a presentation.  No image weave or bounce. And no perceptible  

It's headed for BluRay disc, but if you get a chance to see it as a  
4K projection in a good theater, you're in for a treat.

(I do not work for Disney :)


On Aug 20, 2009, at 11:32 PM, Paul Korver wrote:
> Thanks Mikko,
> Yes don't want my test to be limited to sprocketless scanners.   
> Thank you all for the info.  Ted Langdell suggested I post on AMIA  
> which I will do soon.
> -Paul
> On Aug 20, 2009, at 10:50 PM, Mikko Kuutti wrote:
>> I guess you are looking for someone with one of these for  
>> instance: http://www.buko-gmbh.de/pfm335_e.htm
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> http://reels.colorist.org
> http://www.colorist.org/wiki3

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