[Tig] Which lamps in a color suite

Peter Berg prberg2 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 2 06:58:38 GMT 2009

Hi all,

Hope you had a good holiday weekend.  Quick question regarding lighting in a color grading suite.  If you had to choose between these 2 halogen bulbs.. which ones would you use in your room?  The Eiko Solux 35w 4700k, or the Ushio Whitestar 50w 6500k?  I would think that the 6500k would be better for a grading atmosphere but are they good to use throught the room?

I had heard that doing 6500k in the entire room does not make for the best 'client' experience.  Would either of these bulbs be close enough to daylight that they would not alter the grading too much?  I would like to have a nice neutral room, but also an inviting room which doesn't feel too cool.  Is that even possible.  I could put an Ideal-Lume behind my monitor for some 6500k backlight?

Thanks for your thoughts,

Peter B

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