[Tig] Clawless projector?

David C. Crosthwait david at dcvideo.com
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When I started at KCOP in Hollywood, they had the only 16mm cartridge  
machine I'd seen outside of NAB. And it was still in operation when I  
left in 1979. It was paired up with a TK 28. It recall that it chewed  
up film at times. Wasn't nearly as friendly to commercials as the ACR  
25 videotape cart machine, the true "cash register" for the station.

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>> No aspersions cast on my former RCA colleagues, but, what were they
>> smoking? (besides motor drive amps!)
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> That, plus the infamous 16mm cartridge machine RCA demoed at NAB, I think in
> the early 1980s.  I took one look at that and said, "oh, that's never gonna
> work."
> This was kind of a "35mm slide carousel"-type projector, only with little
> boxes with short rolls of 16mm film for TV spots.  I hope RCA never sold any
> of those.
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