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Hello All,
             I had the exact same experience. I am told the dcp was mastered for a 4.5 ftl which is way way too low. The contrast also appeared less than desirable. The screen was a Harkness , projectors by Barco , glasses by Master Image - I had no answer except tell myself this must be what it was intended to look like. ... Until I saw it again on Imax 3D (analog film based)  and wow - what a difference in image quality. The colors we brilliant, contrast and brightness were awesome (in relation to the DCP) and it was a great experience. 
I guess somewhere in the DCI specifications  (3D)  there are some gaps that impact the overall end experience. Will investigate further as we will have 3D in post pretty soon and need to know what not to do. 

Any tips would be welcome. 

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Hello all,

Hope everyone is having a nice holiday season.  I just saw Avatar the other day and wanted to get the opinions of the experts here on this color issue that I experienced.

I saw the movie in 3D at the Arclight Cinerama dome here in Los Angleles. I believe They were using 2 NEC digital projectors and the XpanD 3D system.  (3D glasses that use some type of active technology)

My issue is this.  Not only was the movie relatively dim with the glasses on.  The movie also had a green/yellow cast when viewed through the glasses.  When I removed the glasses.. I lost the 3D effect, but the image was much brighter and the colors seemed to me, to be more vibrant and accurate.

So my main question is, did Mr. Cameron adjust the color grade for that version of the film (and others using the XpandD system) to compensate for the color shift?  I have read that 3D movies are inherently dim, because of the glasses or filters between our eyes and the light source.  But the color shift really bugged me.  Unless I am wrong and the movie is supposed to be green/yellow overall?  It just surprised me as there were some sunset scenes where the reds, oranges, and yellows were amazing with the glasses off.

Well just wanted to see what people thought of the movie, and specifically about color grading issues with 3D.  I figured that in the theater and in 3D was the way to see this movie.. but maybe the blu-ray or a 2D presentation will be more vibrant and accurate.




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