[Tig] Avatar in 3D - Color shifts

Geoff Cooper g.cooper3 at ntlworld.com
Tue Dec 29 08:06:34 GMT 2009

I saw Avatar, at Vue in Cambridge England, with "RealD" glasses.
This is a circular polarised system and worked very well, even if we did all 
look like Elvis Costello!
The glasses were probably half a stop or less and the screen plenty bright 
As I was with my wife and three kids, I wasn't in full technical mode (I can 
almost switch off!).
However, it all seemed "normal" in grading and illumination terms.
I must say how much we all enjoyed the film and would like to congratulate 
everyone that worked on it
The 3D greatly added to total immersion in the fantasy.
I look forward to a remake of the Alien series in 3d.......

Geoff Cooper

Still looking for a job... 

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