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Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Wed Dec 30 01:46:15 GMT 2009

>Hope everyone is having a nice holiday season.  I just saw Avatar the other day and wanted to get the opinions of the experts here on this color issue that I experienced.
>I saw the movie in 3D at the Arclight Cinerama dome here in Los Angleles. I believe They were using 2 NEC digital projectors and the XpanD 3D system.  (3D glasses that use some type of active technology)
>My issue is this.  Not only was the movie relatively dim with the glasses on.  The movie also had a green/yellow cast when viewed through the glasses.  When I removed the glasses.. I lost the 3D effect, but the image was much brighter and the colors seemed to me, to be more vibrant and accurate.

I saw it at the same venue last night (Cinerama Dome), and I saw none of what
you describe.

Yes, the screen was brighter when I removed the glasses, but that's to be
expected. The screen brightness was just fine with the glasses on, and once I
got acclimated, removing the glasses made the screen look far too bright and
blown out.

I saw none of the yellow/green colorimetry issues you described. The whites
where white, the blacks were more or less black. The blacks could have been
pushed down a tad more for my taste, but it seems to me that just about
everyone is gun-shy about crushing them too far, and the usual result is more
like very, very dark gray.

There were many live action scenes where I was astonished that I was watching

An old, old story, and the end was obvious about five minutes in, but a
remarkable tour de force visually. So many incredible images to look at, so
fantastically creative, the CGI pretty much seamlessly integrating with the
live stuff. The 3D was subtle and added to the experience beautifully.

Jim, you magnificent bastard, I knew you could do it :-).


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