[Tig] Digital Film Restoration help...

Tim Stipan stipantim at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 4 14:14:32 GMT 2009

Cineric in New York specializes in digital restoration. Talk to Danny DeVincent.

the number I have is:

You can google Cineric to find out more details.

Tim Stipan
Di Colorist
Technicolor NYC

david brooks wrote: 
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> Hi,
> Few of my clients want to Restore & Archive their old movies.
> Can anybody suggest me what is the best way to do, process and best systems.
> If you can recommend any good restoration studios around the globe, who does
> good film restoration work, it would be great help.
> If possible please respond to my gmail.
> Rayan. Brooks.
> Line Producer.
> rayan.brooks at gmail.com
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