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Rob Lingelbach rob at colorist.org
Wed Mar 25 15:14:49 GMT 2009

these are among some new classified ads at


     * Ampex AVR1, AVR2s needed

We are looking for Ampex AVR1's and AVR2's in any condition..

Myron Lenenski CinePost 2160 Kingston Ct. Ste.N Marietta, GA 30067  
678-238-0800 www.posthouse.com 404-784-1771 (cell) [20090320np]

     * DI Colorist, Mid-US

Midwest Digital Intermediate facility seeking DI Colorist with strong  
reel. Film department w/Spirit 2K Datacine and Pablo on iQ, filmSAN,  
design/vfx department and finishing. About us: Milagro Post provides  
turnkey services to the independent film, advertising and web  
community. We create and deliver content for cinema, TV, web and  
mobile. Please send resumes and links to reels available online to: michaels at milagropost.com 


My name is Vincent S. Lyons and I am the Vice – President @ KI. We  
have recently purchased a Quantel Pablo Neo 4k and are looking to  
pursue relationships with Colorists. If you are a Colorists with Pablo  
experience or a Colorists that would like to learn the Pablo Neo  
please give me a call.

Regards, Vincent

Vincent S. Lyons
Vice President
3575 Cahuenga Blvd. West Suite 640
Hollywood, CA 90068
Tel. (323) 874-4000 x14
Fax (323) 874-4555
vincent at kihollywood.com
http://www.kihollywood.com [20090325np]

Rob Lingelbach    TIG admin.founder
rob at colorist.org

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