[Tig] RED workflow on Honda Generator spots--Oliver Peters blogs about it.

Bob Kertesz bob at bluescreen.com
Tue Mar 31 16:29:06 BST 2009

>FCP/Avid editor Oliver Peters just finished a job with RED material  
>where he was the editor, post supervisor and colorist, and blogs about  
>the workflow he adopted for the project.

What I find interesting is that every RED job I've seen discussed at length
seems to involve a long and complex DIY structure, where the person doing the
work is constantly improvising and making do, and software revisions for
dealing with the RED files often change in the middle of any given project,
and not always for the better.

RED finish is a non-stop source of endless ideas and posts on the
Cinematographers' forum, where every job seems to be unique, often involving
the re-inventing of the wheel and the discovery of fire.

I suppose it's to be expected from a $17K camera body, and I find it
interesting that people put up with this crap, where if the same effort was
required to post a Sony or Panasonic or Kodak originated product, the peasants
would be storming the castle with burning bullrushes. Not to mention that it
took more than a year and many firmware revisions and a sensor swap before
that $17K body was even usable in a professional environment. No other "pro"
camera manufacturer has ever been given that kind of slack.


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